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Footage from Happier Times: The Stroll

I don't know if this is a promise or a threat, but starting with tomorrow's game, we will increase our coverage of the basketball team. Life outside our palatial headquarters (and, frankly, the blah nature of this season) have conspired against us posting regularly about the b-ball Hogs.

But, inspired by the team's effort to crack the RPI's Top 300 and armed with a new subscription to RazorVision that we bought with federal bailout money, we stand ready to chonicle Pelphrey & Co. On this cold and rainy aftenoon, though, we'd to like to once again consider happier times.

The clip below is from the classic 1990 Arkansas-Texas game in Austin. This is the one in which Nolan walked off the court and into the locker room with seconds left in regulation to protest an intentional foul call against Lee Mayberry. And this is also the game that Mayberry sent to overtime by drilling a deep, buzzer-beating three-pointer. The Hogs would go on to win, 103-96.

The footage is a great reminder not only of how damn good Day, Mayberry and Miller were, but how deep and talented their supporting cast — guys like Lenzie Howell, Ron Huery, Arlyn Bowers, Ernie Murray, Mario Credit — was. The team that won the '94 national championship was a better overall team, but the '90 and '91 squads had more offensive firepower. They were really something special.

(Clip courtesy of YouTube'r acnhs09, who continues to amaze with the incredible footage he uploads.)