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That was my and the interns' reaction after reading this blog post by's Chris Low.

Here's the relevant, blood-pressure-spiking passage:

One of the most intriguing underclassman in the SEC remains Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, who's a third-year sophomore and eligible to turn pro. According to several close to the draft process, Mallett is continuing to seek out information about where he projects and is 50-50 right now.

Given the potential money involved and the ever-present threat of career-altering injury, I certainly couldn't blame Ryan for leaving early if he's satisfied with where he may fall in the draft. Still, in my oh-so-expert opinion, he's not ready.

He looked pretty shaky against the Hogs' tougher conference foes. And although some in the South seem to disagree, many football experts boldly consider the NFL to be a tougher league than the SEC.