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The People Have Spoken

Last week, we asked you to look back on 2009 and tell us your favorite win, worst loss, team MVP and letter grade for the coaching staff. We then handed the data over to our staff of interns who, armed with a Cray supercomputer, tabulated and analyzed the results.

In the end, each poll had a very solid winner. Here's what we learned:

* Favorite win: Auburn, with 57% of the vote (Texas A&M was second with 22%). However, we suspect that this would have turned out differently had the Hogs made one or two more plays against Florida and/or LSU.

* Worst loss: 60% went with Florida, for obvious reasons. Georgia, Ole Miss and LSU were all hovering in the low teens.

* Team MVP: Ryan Mallett received a solid 82%. The only surprise here is that his percentage wasn't higher.

* Coaching staff grade: 74% of the readers gave Petrino & Co a B, which feels right to us.

Be sure to stay tuned for the post-basketball season poll, in which we'll get to the bottom of such pressing issues as "favorite suspension" and "most surprising loss to a mid-major doormat".