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(Paul) Petrino to Illinois

In the most significant moment of Razorback-related brotherly drama since Casey and Nathan Dick were battling it out for the starting QB position, Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino has apparently taken the same job at Illinois.

Setting aside the scenic wonder that is Champaign, IL, this would seem like a lateral move at best (and that's being a little charitable to the Fighting Illini). So, our take on it is that it's about 1) money and 2), probably even more importantly, a desire to get out from big brother's shadow. Paul has made it clear that his goal is to get a head coaching job someday, and since Bobby calling the plays at Arkansas surely holds that back a little bit, it's hard to blame the guy.

For Hog fans, of course the real question is how much will this affect recruiting and the on-field action? I can't speak for the former, but as for the latter, my immediate reaction of "it's not that bad...Bobby calls the plays, anyway" probably proves the above point about Paul needing to go out on his own.

Whatever happens, thanks to Paul Petrino for two good years with the Hogs and best of luck at Illinois.