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Filed under:'s Chris Low is Surely Going to Hell...

...for not selecting Tim Tebow as the starting QB on his All-SEC team. Instead, he risked an eternity of hellfire and damnation by choosing Ryan Mallett. We here at Arkansas Expats, Inc applaud Low's fearless choice, although if such accolades persuade Mallett to go pro a year early then we will certainly slide over to the damnation side of things.

While we're on the topic, other all-conference teams were announced this week (we were too busy putting up polls to get to them at the time) and a few Hogs are represented. AS360's Chris Bahn makes the good point that, despite the gaudy numbers put up by the Arkansas offense, we won't really see a bunch of Hogs on these lists until they can win more consistently. So, fingers crossed for next year.

If you're still hungering for more info about postseason all-conference teams, here are a few more links for you:

* the coaches' All-SEC team (1st team: Mitch Petrus; 2nd team: Mallett, DJ Williams, Malcolm Sheppard)

* All-SEC team (Mallett, Sheppard)

* the coaches' Freshmen All-SEC team (Tenarius Wright)

* the AP All-SEC team (2nd team: Joe Adams, Mallett, Petrus, Sheppard)