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Arkansas Bowling By The Numbers

With not all that much going on in the news right now with Arkansas football, I thought it might be interesting to look at Arkansas' bowl history through some numbers. Here are some factoids or numerialoids, haha, for you to contemplate.

11 - Arkansas's number of bowl victories.

11.818181 - Arkansas's average margin of victory in its eleven bowl wins.

22 - Number of defeats (Yes, sadly, twice as many as victories.)

9.2727272 - Average margin of defeat in those twenty two losses. A touchdown, an extra point, and a field goal away! On average.

1934 - The year Arkansas played its first bowl game, the Dixie Classic in Dallas. The result was a 7-7 tie with Centenary.

3 - Number of ties in a bowl game. (We know this number will never change.)

20 - The number of times Arkansas has played on New Years Day.

4 - The number of times Arkansas will have played on January the 2nd come January 2nd 2010.

2-1 - Our record on January the 2nd bowl games. Wins 1960 Gator and 1978 Orange. Loss was in the 1989 Cotton.

1 - The number of times Arkansas has played a present Conference USA Bowl team in a bowl game. It was Tulane in the 1980 Hall of Fame Bowl, which the Hogs won 34-15 that day. Tulane was an independent at the time.

8 - The number of bowl appearances in what are now BCS bowls. Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange. 2-5-1 in those.

34 - The largest margin of loss in a bowl game. 1987 Orange Bowl vs. OU.

25 - The largest margin of victory in a bowl game. 1978 Orange Bowl vs. OU.

And that seems like a good high note to end on. If you have some bowl numerology of your own, please include it in the comment section. Here is to hoping that Petrino, Mallett, and company are able to just put up more numbers than the other guy. For at the end of the day, it is all about the numbers isn't it?