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From the "What If" File

One could argue that the biggest loss of Bobby Petrino's Razorback coaching career wasn't in games against Ole Miss, Florida or Alabama, but instead was the day that Ellis Johnson, his first choice as defensive coordinator, packed his bags and headed home for a similar job at South Carolina without ever coaching a game or even running a practice in Fayetteville.

Since then, Johnson's South Carolina defenses have excelled - one only needs to look at the string of low-scoring victories the Gamecocks have eked out this year to understand his importance to the team - while his replacement, Willy Robinson, has...well, you know the rest of that story.

So, because it is the sacred mission of Arkansas Expats, Inc to blow your mind whenever possible, here's a fun thought: what if Ellis Johnson had never gotten that call from Steve Spurrier? Would the Hogs have made enough stops against Mississippi State last year to go to a bowl and get another month of extra practice time? Would we have held off enough Georgia drives to have won that shootout? Would we have turned back Florida just one more time?

Truly the mind reels at the possibilities, but - if you dare - step with us into the Twilight Zone and leave your thoughts in the comments section.