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Q&A: Talking LSU With...Well, Nobody

Normally this is the point when we give you the inside scoop on the upcoming opponent courtesy of a Q&A exchange with our fellow SEC bloggers. However, our usually well-oiled machine has hit a slight snag.

Unfortunately, we contacted the folks at And the Valley Shook a couple of times earlier in the week and never heard back from them. Also, as of about 24 hours before game time they haven't put up a single Arkansas-related post this week, leading us to believe they may have been studying at the Les Miles school of time management.

Anyway, we'll just post the questions we would have asked and will count on you guys to answer them in the comments section. If any LSU fans happen to drift through these parts, we'd love to get your take, too.

Five questions after the jump:

1. Just how pissed is the LSU fanbase at Les Miles? Is there any chance that he's coaching for his job this week?

2. How will the ending to LSU-Ole Miss affect this week's game? Is it a harmful distraction or a circle-the-wagons rallying point for the players and coaches?

3. The Arkansas defense is notoriously weak, but the LSU offense has been decimated by injuries over the past few weeks. What's your strategy for attack?

4. On the flip side, Ryan Mallett and the Arkansas offense have been red hot during the current four game winning streak. What's your strategy for slowing them down?

5. Lastly, what's your prediction for the outcome?