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Inspiring the Winners Within

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The fact that Saturday's opponent is Mississippi State reminds us of one of the funniest/strangest SEC stories of our lifetimes.

In 1992, seeking to inspire the Bulldogs to victory over the Texas Longhorns, then-MSU Coach Jackie Sherrill turned to a time-honored technique, one straight out of Motivational Moves 101: he had a bull brought to practice and had it castrated in front of his team. Inexplicably, this caused a bit of a media firestorm when word of it got out.

Of course, the controversy led to what is by now a familiar ritual: the half-hearted, conditional apology: "Even though I was not involved in the procedure that took place, I take responsibility," Sherrill said. "If this incident was in any way not perceived as proper by those who love Mississippi State, then I apologize."

Oh, by the way, Mississippi State beat Texas, 28-10. Anthony Robbins, eat your heart out.