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Group Therapy: Bowl-Game Memories


So, for the first time in the Bobby Petrino era, the Hogs are bowl eligible. Arkansas fans are pumped and are having a grand 'ole time speculating about where the Razorbacks may end up.

However, I think as fans we need to review the Hogs' history in these games and ask ourselves: Do we really want this? Can our mental health survive more ass-kickings and embarrassing efforts?

I kid, of course. I am as excited as anyone, and I think we will fare better in these games under Petrino than we have in the past. But there's no denying the fact that the postseason has been extremely unkind to the Hogs over the years. Arkansas has a 11-22-3 record in bowl games. In their past 16 appearances, they are a mighty 3-13.

So before we go marching bravely into what will hopefully be a new era, let's wash ourselves of the past by indulging in a little group therapy. What is your most painful Arkansas bowl-game memory? If you feel like crying, don't fight it. You're among friends. Besides, we understand - we've watched these games too. And just so the post isn't too much of a downer, let us know your favorite memory as well.

I'll start things off with my least favorite memory: the 17-3 loss to UCLA in the 1989 Cotton Bowl, in which the Hogs gained a whopping four first downs and 42 yards of total offense. My favorite would definitely be the 2000 Cotton Bowl win over Texas (I was all of five when Arkansas beat No. 1 Oklahoma in the 1978 Orange Bowl and don't remember the game). 

Ahh ... I feel better already. Your turn.