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Monday Morning Bowl Breakdown, Part 1

With Saturday's shellacking of Troy, the Hogs moved into the realm of bowl eligibility for the first time in the Bobby Petrino era and now we get to start thinking about the fun part: where and who will the Razorbacks play?

Although my knee jerk reaction is that 1) bowls are silly; college football needs a playoff ASAP and 2) predicting them at this point is practically impossible, I'm excited that we'll be getting an extra game this year and am willing to jump in to the fray with both feet first.

As of this morning, here's what some of the leading prognosticators are saying (all predictions are based on the results of last weekend's games):

Chris Low, Cotton Bowl (vs Big 12 TBD)

Stuart Mandel, Chick-fil-a Bowl (vs Clemson)

Mark Schlabath, Cotton Bowl (vs Oklahoma State)

Bruce Feldman, Liberty Bowl (vs Houston) Indpendence Bowl (vs Iowa State) Independence Bowl (vs Missouri)

So there you have it: no consensus at this point. The fact is that the SEC has a bunch of teams - Arkansas, Ole Miss, Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina - all clustered up in the middle, so the way we finish the season is key. Should be interesting!

Let us know what you think in the comments section (and if there are bowl prediction sites you like that we've missed, please share them and we'll add them to the list for next week).