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Reasons to Hate: Troy

This season we're resurrecting an old feature charmingly called Reasons to Hate. As a public service to you, the Hog fan, we'll be providing a handy pre-game cheat sheet detailing why you should hate each one of the Razorbacks' opponents this fall. Some weeks will be easier than others...

1. They're Legit. The Trojans aren't just the typical non-conference cupcake in the Eastern Michigan or Missouri State variety...they can play. Last year they went up 31-3 against LSU before ultimately succumbing to a mighty 4th quarter comeback, and this year they come into Fayetteville riding a seven game winning streak. If the Hogs come out with anything less than full intensity the potential to get embarrassed is very real.

2. We're Practically Old Rivals at This Point. This is the second time in the last three seasons that the Hogs have played the Trojans, meaning we've actually seen more of them during that time span than SEC opponents Tennessee, Vanderbilt or Georgia. (Bonus note: the 2007 Arkansas-Troy game was the first one we ever covered for the blog...we even did a Reasons to Hate back then.)

3. It's a Trap! To belabor the point from reason #1 a bit more, this is a dangerous game for the Hogs. Coming after a big win over South Carolina and before we round out the conference schedule against Mississippi State and LSU, it's perfectly natural to expect a young team to let down just a tiny bit. Plus, Troy has a high-powered passing game led by QA Levi Brown so we can count on at least one 70+ yard TD from them in the 3rd quarter. Scary stuff.

4. They're From Alabama. Granted, this game isn't as meaningful as ones against Auburn or the Crimson Tide, but the idea of taking 2 of 3 games from the Yellowhammer State sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?

5. Something About Something Their Coach May Have Said. Or Didn't Say. Ultimately this really doesn't matter in the least, but the possibility exists that Troy coach Larry Blakeney may (or may not) have predicted a victory over the Hogs when chatting about the game last summer. Outrage!!!