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A Brief Return of the Happy, Crazy, Razorback Football Trivia Funtime Game

If you were following the site during the summer, you know we had a weekly trivia question here to get us ready for football season. The season isn't over, and I am not counting down already for next season, but I thought the subject matter of the question deserved being brought up here. As I am still somewhat in this dark night of the Razorback football soul, post Ole Miss game, a trivia question came to me about another Ole Miss game, the 2001 version, that had a much better, though we had to wait seven overtimes, outcome for us Hog fans. How much have you been thinking about that game? Do you want to think about it some more? If so, try to answer these questions. 

1. (Amateur Level - Yeah, I saw the game) Name the three quarterbacks who played in the game. Two come easily to mind, but there were three!

2. (Intermediate Level - I replay the game in my head while waiting in lines) Name the Ole Miss tight end who caught the last pass, but didn't score, which resulted in the end of the game - finally! And who was the Hog who put the sure tackle on him?

3. (Expert Level - I have the game recorded and watch it on a regular basis) Name the four person ESPN crew that broadcast the game that night. Three were in the booth.