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That Was Tough to Watch: Ole Miss Slams Arkansas, 30-17

Perhaps we all need to chip in and buy the Hogs some ibuprofen and Dramamine, or maybe we should take them out for a greasy meal at The Waffle House. After last week's hearbreak in Gainesville, Arkansas looked awfully hungover today in Oxford.

Of course, a lot of that had to do with Ole Miss, which put big-time pressure on Ryan Mallett all day. Mallett completed 12 of his 34 pass attempts (for those of you without a calculator handy, that's a completion percentage of 35.3 percent) for 254 yards. He was sacked four times.

And on the few occassions that he passed like the Mallett we all know and love, his receivers dropped the ball. Add in a whopping total of 43 yards of rushing, and it was a thoroughly brutal day for the Razorback offense.

And it was also a thoroughly brutal day for the Razorback defense, which yielded 557 yards of total offense to Ole Miss. Dexter McCluster, who thankfully is a senior, accumulated 262 of those yards all by himself, 127 on the ground and 135 through the air.

Toss in the obvious frustration of losing to Houston Dale for a second year in a row, and it was a miserable afternoon for Hog fans.

Oh well. Maybe the team was just looking ahead to Eastern Michigan.

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