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10 Questions About Arkansas-Ole Miss

Earlier in the week I posed some philosophical questions about the Ole Miss game, and now it's time for 10 more tangible ones. As usual, I don't have the answers but I suspect you do...let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. Will the Hogs be able to shake off the ultra-disappointing Florida loss and bring full focus and intensity to Ole Miss?

2. Is this when Houston Nutt pulls out all his motivational tricks and fires up his team to play their best game of the season?

3. Will Ryan Mallett be able to bring his A-game to a hostile stadium?

4. Can the defense continue their positive trend of forcing turnovers, tackling better and reducing the number of big plays allowed?

5. Speaking of big plays, which team will have more gains of 25+ yards?

6. How will Michael Smith's injury status impact what the Hogs do on offense?

7. Can we rely on Alex Tejada, or is anything inside the Ole Miss 30 yard line four down territory?

8. Will we see the gunslinging Jevan Snead from last year and this year's UAB game, or will we see the mistake-prone Jevan Snead from this year's South Carolina and Alabama games?

9. Does the loser give up all hope of a "good" season?

10. Which team needs this game more?