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Thursday Evening Mini-Hodge Podge

Four quick links for your reading pleasure:

* I'll admit that I'm obsessing over Joe Adams' situation a bit...the thought of a 19-year old having a stroke is just totally crazy to me. Brandon Marcello has posted some info about Adams and how his situation was diagnosed from today's Petrino's press conference.

* The folks at the Dr. Saturday blog (one of our favorite sites) have shared their take on the top college football scandals of the decade and the Hogs/Petrino figure in two of the final four. Woo Pig Sooie!!

*'s Stuart Mandel breaks down the Arkansas-Florida game (scroll down about halfway). Bottom line is that he sees it as a potential trap game for the Gators, but also thinks Urban Meyer will use the opportunity to open up his offense a bit.

* Lastly, I'm guessing the general appetite for basketball news is pretty low these days, but Dudley Dawson has posted a very interesting look at some 2010 recruiting possibilities over on Hawgs Illustrated. If you're interested in finding out who John Pelphrey will be suspending next year, definitely check it out.