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Aggie Jokes of the Day

In honor of this weekend's game against Texas A&M, here are two Aggie jokes (courtesy of this site):


A guy walks into a bar and walks up to the bartender and says, "Would you like to hear an Aggie joke?" The
bartender, who was a big guy, says, "Now before you tell that joke, take a look at that diploma. I went to Texas A&M, and you see that guy working the door, an equally large man, he went to A&M. And that guy over there playing pool, well he's an Aggie too, so now are you sure you want to tell that joke?"

So the guy says, "Well, not anymore, I would have to explain it three times."


Two Aggies encounter a large German Shepard licking his private area. One Aggie says to the other, "I wish I could do that." His friend replied, "If you pet him real nice, he might let you."