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Congratulations to Dave Van Horn and the Hogs for Another Good Weekend in the Diamond

Has it really been twenty years since the Hogs won a College World Series game? Such is what the baseball numbers say. They also say, thank goodness, that the Hogs won't be two and done this year in Omaha. Congratulations go out to Dave Van Horn and Company for picking up a 10-6 win over favored Cal State Fullerton on Saturday. 1979 team, consider yourself AVENGED! for now.

Of the four winners over the weekend, I think the Hogs actually had the easiest time of reaching the winners' bracket. And in that bracket they now will face another favored team, LSU. Considering that number one, LSU is a really good team, and number two, Arkansas lost a series to the Tigers in Fayetteville earlier in the year, I am nervous. On the other hand, there is no denying that the Hogs are sizzling hot right now, and they did get one win in Fayetteville during that LSU series. I don't know enough about baseball to break things down and give anything that resembles analysis.

But I do know enough about sports superstition that come tonight when I sit down to watch the game, I will wear the same Razorback shirt I had on Saturday and will continue my practice of watching the Hogs bat, but switching channels when the other team comes to bat and then just allowing myself glimpses of what is going on. Hey, it worked on Saturday, haha. I would twirl a dead chicken over my head and stand on one leg if I thought it would help the Hogs. I certainly would like to see the Hogs channel the good fortune that came over War Memorial Stadium back in November when Casey Dick and London Crawford connected for a win over a favored LSU team. Maybe some Arkansas fans should go out to War Memorial tonight and watch the game there?

One final note, I see where Texas (spit) advanced a step closer to the prospect of facing the Hogs in the Championship bracket. Considering that Texas (spit) struggled to beat Southern Miss. and won only by taking four balls to advance the runners in the bottom of the 9th as the Southern Miss. bullpen choked, I like the Hogs's propsects, but of course, a lot more still has to happen. First, just beat the hell out of those Tigers! Go Hogs!