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Tuesday Hodge Podge

• You get the feeling that John Pelphrey misses Mobile? After all, the sandy beaches of Gulf Shores are nearby, there's that groovy tunnel through which I-10 passes under the bay, and, of course, who can resist that cool battleship (war has never seemed so fun!).

Most of all, though, you have to wonder if the Pride of Paintsville longs for a time when at least a day or two would go by without his program receiving some bad news. On the heels of Patrick Beverley's interview with comes word that Marcus Britt was arrested last weekend in Forrest City on DWI and other traffic-related charges. On a mildly amusing note, we're glad to see that, according to media reports, Britt used the time-honored fib that he had had "a couple of beers" when asked by the cops if he'd been drinking.

Pelphrey has suspended Britt indefinitely, which probably means the guard, who will be a junior next year, will miss an exhibition game against the Fayetteville Grade School All-Stars. All in all, disappointing news, although if we had to spend the summer in Forrest City, we might be hitting the bottle too.

• College athletes are notoriously hyper-competitive personalities. Therefore, with all of the negative headlines the basketball team has generated lately, it was not surprising to see the football team get a little jealous. As you probably know by now, Razorback sophomore defensive tackle Lavunce Askew was arrested last weekend after allegedly stealing a laptop. Baseball's in full swing, the pool's open, the heat and humidity are here, and Razorbacks are getting arrested left and right ... yep, summer is officially here.

• More bad news: Ryan Mallett broke his right ring finger. Doesn't sound too serious, though.

• Jim Harris of ArkansasSports360 has a good article on the Beverley interview and other woes of the basketball team. Money quote: "It makes one understand better why the Arkansas head coaching search in 2007 finally found its way to Creighton's Dana Altman after a handful of bigger names said "no," and then why Altman was already out the door in 25 hours. He likely accepted the job from Frank Broyles, then started his due diligence and had dinner with former chancellor John White and realized he was walking into a potential cesspool."

• And, finally, speaking of AS360, Chris Bahn has a solid breakdown of the incoming basketball recruiting class.