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More Offseason Fun for the Basketball Team

Over the weekend, the bombshell news broke that a Razorback athlete might not have been as rigorously devoted to his academic pursuits as we've led to believe: former bball star Patrick Beverley explained that his suspension (and subsequent banishment to the Ukraine) was the result of him being caught turning in schoolwork that had been done by someone else.

The interesting twist is that some of his teammates apparently also took advantage of the same helpful service. Of course, whoever was actually doing the work couldn't have been all that bright because nobody from that team actually graduated. Come on guys, where's your commitment to APR scores??

And in other basketball news, the team upheaval bug has claimed its latest victim: Stephen Cox. Our staff of walk-on historians is poring over the data now and will be issuing a 75 page report on what it all means very soon.