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Thursday Hodge Podge

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* Chris Low of has a post up about which position groups in the SEC are particularly loaded...Florida's secondary or Alabama's defensive line, for example. He also singles out the Razorback receivers as being especially dangerous. (Have I mentioned lately that I'm excited about the football season?)

* Brace yourselves, hold onto your hats and sit down before you read this, because it's truly shocking news: the NCAA is alleging major violations in Memphis basketball program under John Calipari. I know none of us saw this coming...fortunately for Kentucky fans he's completely cleaned up his act and nothing like this will be happening as he leads that program to 18 straight national titles. Right?

* As Stephen pointed out yesterday, the level of turnover in the basketball program is head-spinning. Chris Bahn from Arkansas Sports 360 weighs in with an excellent column that tries to make sense of it all.

* Folks, sometimes it does happen: Wally Hall, voice of reason.

* Coming back to Chris Low, he's been ranking the SEC's 30 best football players this off-season. According to his calculations, the Hogs have three players in the top 20, which isn't bad. Brandon Marcello at the Slophouse has the details of who's been ranked and where.

* What does it take to get kicked off the team at Ole Miss? Apparently not a felony assault charge for using brass knuckles to rob someone of $6 in a McDonald's drive through, or using a dead friend's credit card to buy gas. Jamar Hornsby, just don't do it again!