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Where in the World is Charles Balentine?

Charles Balentine remains well-known among Razorback fans for hitting the 3rd biggest shot in Arkansas history (we'll give you two guesses as to what #1 and #2 are), but many other details of his storied career are slipping away into the mists of time.

Wanted: Charles BalentineSo, in the spirit of our "Where in the World is Eugene Nash?" post from last year (and the very enlightening two-part Q&A that followed) we're now focusing the massive power of the Razorback Expats community towards helping us track down Balentine. Aside from the occasional article, there aren't a lot of details about his current whereabouts online, which is where you guys come in.

Our goal is to conduct a very casual interview with #24 so we can get his take on Razorback basketball during the late-period Sutton era, and of course his role in it. So, if you know Charles Balentine, have information about his whereabouts or, best of all, actually are Charles Balentine, please contact us at razorbackexpats at yahoo dot com.

Our hope is that this will be a lot of fun for all involved...we look forward to hearing from you!