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Tuesday Hodge Podge

Razorback news and notes from around the web (warning: some of these links aren't exactly timely, but then again you probably already knew not to count on us for hot-off-the-presses info):

* Nate Allen rips Jeff Long a new one (he even busts out the Y-word).

* We've been known to give Wally Hall a little grief every now and then. But, in the interest of fairness we also have to note that his column on Sunday was very informative and well worth reading.

* In addition to Jonathan Luigs joining the Bengals, five other Hogs have signed on with NFL teams as free agents (although most still face long odds against making the final cut). Casey Dick will be trying out for the Jets...remember, he beat out Mitch Mustain for the Hogs' QB job, so watch out Mark Sanchez.

* Speaking of Mustain, he's now the 3rd string QB at USC. Ouch.

* Brandon Moore quits the basketball Hogs, and Delvon Johnson joins the team.

* Incoming footballers David Gordon and Ronnie Wingo are fast. Like, really fast.

* Lastly but definitely not leastly, the Slophouse's Brandon Marcello tipped us off to an amazing ongoing series by blogger Clay Travis. It's ostensibly about the decidedly unathletic Travis' often-hilarious efforts trying to hold his own with various elite prospects while "training" for the 2008 NFL Draft, but he also had numerous interactions with Peyton Hillis and Marcus Monk. Marcello's post has a few highlights, but be sure to read Travis' articles for much, much more (for example, don't miss the anecdote about Monk and the swimming pool). The whole thing is long, but very well-written and is consistently interesting and entertaining throughout.