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Tuesday Hodge Podge

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* Nate Allen reports that both Ryan Mallett and Tyler Wilson are looking good in spring practice. The Razorbloggers, on the other hand, say it's "no contest" that Mallett will get the job. We just wish we could see what Gary "Peanut" Adams could do at the helm of the Petrino offense.

* We were too upset to write about this when the news broke last week, but Chris Bahn of ArkansasSports360 has reported that the Arkansas-LSU game is getting bumped from its now-traditional Friday-after-Thanksgiving slot in favor of some game called the Iron Bowl. Might I say that this totally a California resident, that's the one Arkansas game I could reliably count on seeing TV every year. Mr. SEC explains why this sucks for the Razorbacks (besides my own personal reasons, that is).

* Joe Adams is heating up.

* Speaking of Hog WRs, it looks like the eBay bids on Marcus Monk's car didn't match the minimum level to complete the sale. In other words, maybe it can still be yours if you want it! If you forgot to place your bid earlier, now's your chance.

* We know some of you are sick of hearing about Mitch Mustain and the drama of 2006-07. For the most part, we are too, but it remains (to me, at least) a fairly fascinating cautionary tale about big-time college athletics. If you're up for it, check out this post on the excellent Dr. Saturday blog...the title, "The Slow Fade of Mitch Mustain" says it all.