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Wally Hall Remixed

I know we've been posting a lot of Wally Hall content lately, and although I worry a bit about running that theme into the ground, it's the offseason and pickings are slim. Plus, when I read his column today it had an almost lyrical quality that really jumped out at me...the obvious next step was to rearrange certain lines to form a free verse poem.

So, without further ado, allow me to present a work I call "An Island in a Rocky Sea". It's a little abstract, but also deeply meaningful...if there are any English majors out there, I look forward to reading your interpretations.

"An Island in a Rocky Sea"

It is a learning process.

Football is a game for tough guys.

Some coaches agree but don't do a lot of hitting.

Petrino is not afraid to go for a home run with the long pass, either.

Left tackle is usually a guy on his own. An island in a rocky sea.

The offense is varied so the blocking schemes are too.

That once he did it was like a light came on.

Makes sense.