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Did Coach K Get Strip Searched at the Canadian Border?

One has to wonder about that after reading the Ol' Greybeard's column from this morning.

In the piece, our learned and erudite "trusty scribe" mentions the long waits that coaches who were attending the Final Four and staying at a hotel in nearby Windsor, Canada, had when trying to cross the border into Detroit. Here's the passage in question:

Coach K"Saying U.S. customs is a bit tougher than getting into Canada would be a huge understatement.

Word got around fast that one coach with a smart mouth - he sniped at Secret Service people when his team played the Arkansas Razorbacks and President Clinton came to the game - popped off and was strip-searched.

He didn't mouth off but once."

If memory serves, Clinton attended four Razorback games while he was president - all of which took place in the national championship season of 1993-94. The games were a regular-season contest against Texas Southern, and the Hogs' final three games in the NCAA Tournament, which were against Michigan, Arizona and Duke. At that time, Texas Southern was coached by Robert Moreland, Michigan by Steve Fisher, Arizona by Lute Olson and Duke, of course, by Mike Krzyzewski.

The first three guys are no longer coaching, but retired coaches are known to attend the Final Four, so that doesn't necessarily eliminate them as possibilities. But one look at Coach K's sideline demeanor indicates he might not take too kindly to long waits at Customs.

Man, talk about schadenfreude …

Wait, what the hell am I talking about? This is from a Wally Hall column, after all, meaning the chances of the strip-search story being accurate are, shall we say, less than 100 percent. Furthermore, the passage in question contains the phrase "word got around," which doesn't indicate the most rock-solid reporting.

Oh well. One can hope.