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Done Deal: The Dribble Drive is Coming to Lexington

by Mark J. Terrill - AP

Perhaps the state of Kentucky and the city of Memphis can begin the process of recovering from their collective nervous breakdowns. It's now official: John Calipari is the new head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

What are your thoughts? Personally, I think Kentucky is on the verge of a seriously great run. Makes me kind of jealous, actually. Oh well, perhaps they'll find themselves in hot water with the NCAA at some point (the marriage of Calipari and Kentucky does seem to be a recipe for the recruiting scandal to end all recruiting scandals).

One final note: a friend of the Expats who is a serious Memphis fan is also a Facebook "friend" of John Calipari. He just forwarded me some of the more amusing comments that Tiger fans are leaving on the coach's page. This may surprise you, but they don't appear to be handling it too well.

Here's my favorite comment so far, penned by the learned and erudite Facebook user Billy Howerton : "FU CAL, SUCK MY WHITE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"