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And You Thought You Took Sports Seriously...

They're kind of losing it over there in Kentucky. After staring at a University of Memphis office door for most of the day yesterday, today our comrade in SEC blogging Truzenzuzex at A Sea of Blue writes:

"The Big Blue Nation has officially gone off the proverbial reservation. No work is getting done anywhere where there are a significant number of Kentucky fans. I am declaring this a statewide holiday in Kentucky, so just kiss off your work, tell your Louisville-loving boss to pound sand, and use your work computer to view that ... @#@#$% white door.

The madness is complete, my sanity has been traded in for a white metal door in a brick building. Fortunately, I have no hair to pull out. As we speak, the men in white suits are pulling up and are bringing restraining devices, straight-jackets, and assorted tranquilizing agents dripping from six-inch needles."

Every post over there is getting 400+ comments, by the way.