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Marcus Monk's Car for Sale and Other Hodge Podge Links

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* Spring football practice started this week, and since we laid off our interns recently we can't possibly keep up with the full stream of info coming out of Fayetteville. Luckily, there are a bunch of great news sources out there: we recommend checking out Arkansas Sports 360, Whole Hog Sports, the Slophouse, the Hog Blog and, of course, the Razorbloggers, whose site has a very handy list of the most recent posts from all these sites (plus ours) in one convenient place. Just don't forget about us while you're out there browsing around!

* This is almost painfully old news at this point (i.e., from last month), but there's a new entry in the never-ending series of ways people like to rank the SEC coaches: an Atlanta columnist has rated them on who's the most irritating.

* Wondering what the awesomely-named former Hog 3-point specialist Cannon Whitby is up to these days? Click here to find out. (Side note: I always forget he was a member of the 1990 Final Four team).

* Speaking of that great 1990 team, here's a box score from one of my all-time favorite Razorback bball games. If you're a box score nerd like me, this is a fun one to review. (Side note: Lenzie Howell rules!)

* Last, but certainly not least, we are very pleased to pass along a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity: legendary Razorback footballer (and sometimes basketballer) Marcus Monk has put his customized 2001 Grand Marquis up for sale at eBay. Definitely check out the full description and batch of photos on the auction page...the highlight is without a doubt the sweet illustration of a snorting Hog airbrushed on the side on the side (which, for our money, gives this one a slight edge over D-Mac's iconic ride).

Marcus Monk's car for sale

(Hat tip to the Hog Blog and Arkansas Sports 360 for the heads up on this.)