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Wednesday Hodge Podge

* Today's Wally Hall column probably deserves a full Wally Watch, but I don't have time. Instead, I'll just leave you with the image of Matt Jones mooning the Ol' Greybeard:
"Later in his career, Matt would, among other things, turn his back on a reporter, bend over and pull down his pants. In most places that childish game is called mooning."

* Our comrades in the HogBlogosphere, the Razorbloggers, have an interesting comment about Ryan Mallett up on their site today. Seems to be alluding to some troubling behavior on his part. Anyone want to weigh in further?
"Media relations aside, I hear he’s otherwise been following pretty close to MJ’s footsteps. The fact that Petrino is taking a fairly stern approach to Mallett makes me a little more hopeful than I was previously that we will see him on the field this fall."

* After leading his team to a dominant 2-14 SEC record, Michael Washington is apparently pondering the idea of going pro. (The Morning News says "the situation still seems unresolved."). Great.

* And in further uplifting news, here are the words no Razorback fan wants to hear: "The NCAA is looking into the recruiting practices of the University of Arkansas men's basketball program."