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All Bad Things Must Come To An End

And thankfully, this mind-numbing regular season (or, to be exact, this mind-numbing conference season) is over.

Maybe it's because my precious circadian rhythm had been thrown off by the time change, but I felt kind of cranky watching today's game. I didn't have it in me to conduct my usual search for the silver lining in yet another dark cloud.

It really struck me today just how weak this team is. I know that may sound crazy considering the Hogs finished 2-14 in SEC play, but de Nile ain't just a river in Egypt.

They don't do anything well (I'm guessing that's the case with most last-place teams). They have no identity, no personality. Their offense rarely has any type of flow or rhythm, and the defense offers all the resistance of a matador.

I've walked away from many of this season's losses thinking that the Razorbacks are closer to respectability than it would appear. I can't say that I feel that way right now.