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Tuesday Diversionary Maneuver

In the ExPats' never ending quest to bring you diversion from obsessing on the current basketball season, we offer up the most unlikely Florida State Seminole of all time: Myron Rolle, Rhodes scholar. Let that trip off your tongue, as you contemplate an NFL-caliber D-back postponing the NFL so he can study for a year at Oxford. (England, Bubba. Not Mississippi.) In your best Bobby Bowden voice, say this: "He's a good kid; he is." Live and in person, Monday night at the Clinton School in Little Rock. That's right, not the Touchdown Club. The Clinton School.

While they're in football mode over at the Clinton School, they have decided to follow Rolle with a visit from Warrick Dunn two days later. As in, the slightly undersized Tampa Bay running back. Dunn is not a Rhodes Scholar, so this one is a little harder to understand than Rolle, but, Dunn does have a new book out and, hey, nice change of pace from yet another lecture by the assistant undersecretary for East African affairs on the recent elections in Kenya.

In case you needed something to do next week . . .