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Houston Nutt Named Emperor of Mississippi and Other Fun Facts

Ok, it's been well-established that the basketball team is not exactly the most fun topic of conversation these days, so it's time to shift gears to something lighter: one Mr. Houston D. Nutt. I'll be honest, although I really like where the football program is right now, I was never at any point a Nutt-hater so I kind of hate to fan those flames, but when the hoops team is 0-for-February desperate measures are needed.

In our first HDN-related item, it seems that Coach Nutt was recently named Emperor of Mississippi (or something...I skipped the details) by the state senate. Apparently Mississippi is in such great shape (unlike my state, or the rest of the world) that this is the top order of business for their elected officials. The following picture pretty much speaks for itself:

photo by Elwin Williams

Our next item deals with a recent post by our fellow SEC bloggers at the Red Solo Cup. These guys have had a lot of laughs at the expense of the lunatic fringe of the Razorback fan base, which is all well and good, but this post really crosses the line. In it, they mock Hog fans for surmising that Nutt may have been connected to the recent Marcus Monk eligibility debacle, saying "What's next? Is Houston Nutt hiding Bin Laden? Was Houston Nutt on the grassy knoll?" and so forth.

Well, they can poke fun all they want, but as you can see from the completely undoctored photo below (taken moments after the Kennedy assassination) there's definitely something weird going on. We'll let you draw your own conclusions, but this is obviously no laughing matter.

Grassy Knoll, Dallas, 11/22/1963

And that wraps up our news of former Razorback coaches for today. When does football season start again?