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Call Me Crazy...

...but I actually have a semi-optimistic feeling about the LSU game tonight. I know that flies in the face of all logic and reason, but of course that's what being a Razorback fan is all about anyway.

That crazy feeling is based on:

1. Courtney Fortson's return: I'm guessing he'll be extra fired up to play well, and his being on the court again might provide some sort of emotional lift to his teammates.

2. Bud Walton: despite the crappy turn this season has taken, the fans can still bring it.

3. The top 25 factor: LSU is now ranked 23rd, which would typically be a good thing for them but in this case the Hogs have played better against highly ranked teams (Texas, Oklahoma) than they have everybody else (Auburn, I'm looking in your direction) so who knows...

4. Pelphrey: I know the haters are starting to emerge in some corners, but I still have confidence in his ability to fire up the team and have them ready to play, even after such a miserable stretch.

5. The law of averages: we've got to win again at some point, right?

So there you have it...not a lot to hang your hat on, but after a 1-9 run you have to reach for any little glimmer of hope that's out there. What do you guys think? (and if you think I'm totally crazy, please break it to me nicely)