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Rx for the Hogs: A Miracle Cure for Our Basketball Woes

These are dark days for the basketball Hogs...losses mounting, players dropping like flies and a growing sense of discontent among the fanbase. Obviously help is needed. So, I got to thinking...what would the ideal savior of the program look like?

Based on the current team's many needs, I'd say that hypothetical player should have:
* the size to bang with the big guys down low
* 3-point shooting skills to give the offense some much-needed firepower (sorry Rotnei)
* charisma to inspire the fans and his teammates
* big-game experience: winning on the road, a championship pedigree, etc

Sounds like a tall order, right? Surely no single player could combine all those different abilities?? Well, the good news is that I've identified just the right person, and he has Razorback ties to say the least (the bad news is that there may be some eligibility issues). Follow me after the jump to learn the identity of this mystery man:

That's right, Dwight Stewart. It's almost painfully obvious once you start thinking about it. Surely he must have at least a few games of eligibility left, right?