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The Meteor Should Be Crashing Into Earth Any Second Now ...

This morning has produced that rarest of events: a Wally Hall column that contains something other than unintentional comedy and incomprehensible passages. Today, the Ol' Greybeard sheds some light on the Marcus Monk situation, which until now has been guarded with a level of secrecy that would set Dick Cheney's decrepit heart a-flutter.

From the column:

"Maybe if Marcus Monk hadn't been forced to borrow some money to pay his bills - from a guy he's known since he was 10 years old - the Arkansas Razorbacks could have beaten Kentucky.

Because Monk had a long, prior relationship with the friend, it never occurred to him someone might object, but after a bank employee called the University of Arkansas to report Monk and the check, everyone - including Monk - was all out to clear up the situation.

Since the UA has had three NCAA investigations in 10 years, it decided to take the high road rather than fight, even though if an athlete has a relationship with someone before the age of 15 the friendship is considered to not be based on athletics.

Monk and his friend's relationship started a decade before the friend served as a graduate assistant for Stan Heath."