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Well Played, Sir

We've done a little bit of ragging on the Todd Day-era Hogs lately, so in the interest of equal time, we present the clip below. The image is a little fuzzy, but as best as I can tell, the footage is from the March 1992 game against LSU in Barnhill. I was fortunate enough to attend that contest, and it was an unforgettable game, one of the few gems from that ultimately disappointing '92 season.

The Hogs were down by 15 or so at halftime and came roaring back to win in overtime. With the victory, Arkansas clinched the SEC West championship. They made it to OT thanks in part to some good old-fashioned home cooking, as Oliver Miller obviously fouled Shaquille O'Neal on the Big Diesel's last-second shot attempt in regulation. Oh well. Dem's de breaks.