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Big. Fat. Bummer.

I thought the Hogs played hard. I thought they played pretty well (although they didn't do themselves any favors at the foul line). And Courtney Fortson was downright electric in the game's final minutes.

Alas, it was not enough to avoid a heartbreaking, last-second defeat at the hands of the Volunteers.

Heading into tonight's game, I still had some hope that the Hogs could salvage their conference season enough to snag an NCAA bid. Now that they're sitting at 1-6, I would be thrilled with an NIT bid.

And even that may be a reach. They've dug themselves a mighty big hole.

Box score

* On a non-bummer, note ranks Bobby Petrino's 2009 recruiting class the 14th best in the country. Somewhere, Sean Salisbury is fuming.