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The Marcus Monk Watch Continues

If nothing else, the saga of Marcus Monk has certainly been an interesting one: from star football player to injured star football player to NFL prospect to a guy who *might* join the basketball team to a key contributor on the basketball team to a guy who's now wearing street clothes while officials try to resolve a mysterious issue about his eligibility.

Wow, that was a long sentence (and I probably missed a few twists & turns along the way).

At any rate, it looks like this latest chapter in his Razorback career won't be ending any time soon. John Pelphrey didn't have any new details to reveal in a press conference yesterday, and over at the Slophouse blog Brandon Marcello is predicting that Monk won't play tomorrow against Tennessee. If he's right, that will be four straight missed games at a time when the Hogs can least afford his absence.

So, what next? The crack team of Razorback Expats investigative reporters hasn't been able to dig anything up, but this situation is starting to have a bad Adebayo/Pate feeling to it. In the meantime, we're encouraging fans to start a candlelight vigil outside the U of A athletic department until this is resolved.