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Proud of the Hogs

For someone who didn't see today's game, that headline may seem strange after yet another double-digit defeat on the road. But this wasn't your standard lifeless Hog road loss.

After appearing completely overwhelmed and outmatched during the first half (they entered intermission down 41-21), the Razorbacks played with abundant energy and tenacity in the second half and whittled down LSU's lead to five late in the game. For a few heady minutes there, I truly thought they were going to win.

Alas, it was not to be. But it doesn't make me any less proud of the team. Today's game was one of those that remind you why you love sports.

The only shame about this game is the hole it puts the Hogs in. If Arkansas is to go .500 in the conference - generally considered one of the minimum requirements for snagging an NCAA bid - they're going to have to go 7-3 the rest of the way. One way for them to do that would be to win the rest of the home games and somehow snag two of their remaining five road games.

That's a tall order - particularly considering that the home games include contests against Tennessee, Kentucky and these same LSU Tigers - but it's one that looks at least slightly less intimidating now than it did at halftime.

Regardless of what happens, if the Hogs consistently play with as much energy as they did against Alabama and in the second half tonight, I can live with it. Their day will come.

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* In other news, Patrick Beverley is the subject of the "Hoop Dreams" sequel. Seriously.