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Trying (Desperately) to Generate Good Karma

The Stan Heath era doesn't get much love in the Hog blogosphere. And understandably so - the Hogs were never terribly good with Stan the Man at the helm.

But that doesn't mean the era didn't have its moments. One of the best moments occurred in a 2006 home game against Alabama, a game in which the Razorbacks rallied from an 18-point, second-half deficit to defeat the Crimson Tide. The win was part of a late-season six-game win streak that propelled Arkansas to its first NCAA Tournament appearance in five years.

Since we're playing Alabama in Fayetteville tonight - and since we're really trying to generate some positive energy for the Hogs - we present the highlights of that exciting victory, courtesy of YouTube user tokyoracing fan. (By the way, if that user name doesn't scream "hog fan," I don't know what does).