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Wally Watch: January 15 & 16, 2009

Wally Watch

Wally Watch: Where we read Wally Hall so you don't have to.

January 15, 2009: Pelphrey can't pull best from Hogs this time

Primary Theme: Wally breaks down the Razorbacks' disappointing loss to Ole Miss like only he can - with folksy analogies.

Breaking it Down, Pt 1: "Saying the Razorbacks got off to a slow start would be like saying this time of year a Delta soybean field isn't much of a tourist attraction."

Breaking it Down, Pt 2: "Shortly after the football celebration - and, yes, it was most likely a coincidence - the basketball team went colder than a Tunica craps table on a Saturday night."

January 16, 2009: Razorbacks have to strike balance to succeed

Primary Theme(s): Dr. Hall prescribes his cure for the ailing Hogs, then weighs in with his opinion on the heated "Just how awesome is Tim Tebow?" debate (Wally, next time just leave a comment on our site).

Say What?: "As exciting as the freshman point guard is, he isn't that good, but Michael Jordan didn't start winning NBA championships until the Chicago Bulls got Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant."

Wally Uses the New Math: "The Razorbacks [open up the middle] by running the offense, which as a rule takes more than one pass - and sometimes it's none - before they fire."

The Extra Work is Always Worth It, Though: One of the fun challenges of analyzing a Wally Hall column is that sometimes you have to read a phrase four or five times before the true meaning sinks in. For example, at first I was confused that he found it "disturbing" that people were googling John 3:16 during the BCS Championship game. But then, after further analysis, it dawned on me that the disturbing part was that so many people had to look up the meaning of the phrase written on Tebow's face. Man, I love it when stuff works on so many different levels like that!

We Probably Would Have Gone with "Verbally": Something about this just sounds a little off..."Tebow, Bradford and McCoy all gave thanks to God orally."