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SEC Basketball Power Poll: Week 2


The latest SEC Basketball Power Poll has been released and is available for your viewing at the outstanding South Carolina blog Garnet and Black Attack. Below is our ballot, which we somehow managed to fight through our post-Ole Miss depression to compile.

As you will notice, our ballot closely resembles the final tally. Not surprisingly, the Hogs took quite a tumble. And not surprisingly, Jodie Meeks the Kentucky Wildcats shot to the top. With so many flawed teams in the conference, we get the feeling this is going to be a wild, wacky year for the inaugural SEC Basketball Power Poll.

So, what's your take?

1. Kentucky
2. Florida
3. Tennessee
4. Mississippi State
5. LSU
6. South Carolina
7. Vanderbilt
8. Arkansas
9. Alabama
10. Ole Miss
11. Auburn
12. Georgia