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Not Thanking God for Mississippi Tonight

Wow - that was ugly. Ugly. For those who didn't attend or listen to the game, don't be deceived by the margin of the Rebels' victory. The Hogs' rally came way too late for Ole Miss to be in trouble. Courtney had a good game, and Jason Henry showed some signs of life in the second half, but other than that - blah.

Seriously, what is it about Tad Smith Coliseum that seems to always bring out the worst in the Hogs?

In the future, perhaps the Razorbacks should just go ahead and forfeit their game in Oxford at the start of the season. We all know they would lose the game anyway, and this way the players aren't exposed to unnecessary injury risk and the program gets to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing travel.

Sounds like a win-lose proposition to us ... or lose-win .... or something like that. Whatever. It's been a long night.

Oh - and before we go - you may need to check this out.