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Letdown City: Misssissippi State 70, Hogs 56

cryingindian_2 OK, so maybe you want to hold off on booking that April plane flight to Detroit.

I was worried all day about this game. Coming off the unexpected and emotional wins over Oklahoma and Texas, I felt the Hogs were ripe for a letdown. Still, I didn't really expect a loss. I figured a sluggish win was on tap.

This year's squad has been compared periodically on this site to the surprising 1992-93 squad. After tonight, the comparison seems more apt than ever. All these years later, it's easy to forget that, in addition to the rousing upset wins over Memphis State, Arizona, Missouri and Kentucky and the inspiring near miss against North Carolina, the '93 season also featured some dismal and unexpected losses. Like the one to Northeast Louisiana in Barton Coliseum. And the ones in Barnhill to Auburn and Tennessee.

I suspect that we haven't witnessed this team's last surprising win or last surprising defeat.

Please share your thoughts in the comments thread. And speaking as someone who admittedly dropped more than my share of cuss words while watching the game (please don't tell my mom), I ask that you keep your comments civil. Take a deep breath, folks: This is what happens when you have a young team, particularly a young team that doesn't have much depth.


Oh - and coach Pelphrey, sorry if we provided the Bulldogs with bulletin board material.