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It's Definitely Time for a Change of Subject

Ok, I'm calling 'time out' on comments in response to my Tim Tebow post. It was intended merely as some light-heartedAP Photo/Beth Hall trash talk about an opposing player and has somehow morphed into a discussion about religion that was about the last thing from my mind when I wrote it. It's a very interesting back & forth, to be sure, but I'd much rather focus the topic of conversation here on earthly matters pertaining to the Razorbacks and their all-around awesomeness.

Speaking of awesomeness, let's talk about John Pelphrey. Specifically, what does Jeff Long need to do to lock him up long-term? I feel like it's probably a given that he'll wind up coaching Kentucky *someday*, but would prefer that day to be in the much more distant future. As a further conversation-starter, check out this thread at the excellent UK blog, A Sea of Blue, in which Wildcat fans discuss Pel's success at Arkansas and the possibility that he'll wind up in Lexington again someday.

And if you still need something to take your mind off the God/Satan/Tebow debate, here once again is the early front-runner for the best picture of 2009. Enjoy.