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A Few Quick Thoughts On Tim Tebow

I'll be the first to admit that I don't like Tim Tebow (or, more accurately, the whole culture around's not like I know the guy). I mean, I have no doubt that he's a fine young man and all, but Florida has always driven me crazy and I'm so over the media's ever-present man crush on him. I'm also not a fan of his style, aesthetically: he looks more like a linebacker than a QB, his left-handed throwing motion bugs me, and I dislike his frequent jump and shovel passes. Most importantly, we all know that he has D-Mac's Heisman sitting on the mantle at home.

But, in the wake of Florida's big win in the tonight's "Championship" Game, I have to say that he is a man. Frankly, he didn't look all that great in the first half, but the way he took over in crunch time was most impressive. He looked like the Road Runner running circles around Wile E. Coyote the way he dodged Oklahoma defenders on the big 3rd & 10 conversion that set up their go-ahead TD when it was tied 7-7, and he pretty much owned the 4th quarter. Like I said...impressive.

But, just when I was starting to soften my longtime anti-Tebow position (only a tiny bit, mind you), the announcers began singing hosannas about his greatness as a human being that included so much hyperventilation it was like a 10 year old girl at a New Kids on the Block Jonas Brothers concert. In about a 15 second stretch they threw out "remarkable", "outstanding", "amazing", "extraordinary" and many other breathless odes to his magnificence, and all the old feelings came flooding right back.

Plus, we all know who should have won that Heisman.