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SEC Basketball Power Poll: Week 1

With conference play rapidly approaching, the folks who brought you the SEC Football Power Poll have joined forces once again to bring you the basketball version. We'll be the first to admit that we're not yet experts in the nuances of the Hogs' various SEC foes, so we're keeping this simple for now. If you see anything we got egregiously wrong on our ballot below, let us know and we'll try to incorporate your feedback next week.

Note: We submitted our ballot last night, before Tennessee lost to Gonzaga. We're still not sure we would have ordered the teams differently, though. It will take a couple of weeks for the conference's pecking order to take shape.

1. Tennessee
2. Arkansas
3. Florida
4. Kentucky
5. LSU
6. Vandy
7. South Carolina
8. Alabama
9. Auburn
10. Mississippi State
11. Ole Miss
12. Georgia

(One final note: the Hogs at #2! Amazing!!)