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I've Never Been Prouder ...

(AP Photo/Beth Hall)

of a Razorback team.

What a game - I still can't quite believe that we won it, especially after Fortson and Washington had to miss so much of the first half with foul trouble. But those two came up huge in the second half.

This is surely the biggest regular-season win since ... since ... well, I'm not sure - I'm too excited to think clearly right now. In any event, it's the biggest one in a very long time. And this is the toughest Razorback team in a long time. Pelphrey is doing an amazing job with them - they play exactly as he did.

More thoughts to come later. In the meantime, the floor is open for your comments (and be sure to check out J. Hawg 3's post-game post for more post-game euphoria). We'd love to hear your observations on this very special night.

Oh, and one thing's for sure - I'll have to revamp my list of my favorite wins over Texas.

Woo Pig Sooie!