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Official Razorback Bowl-Watching Simulation Kit

Since the Hogs aren't playing in today's Cotton Bowl (or any other bowl game this year), we thought it would be helpful to provide some instructions on how to authentically simulate the experience of watching the Razorbacks go bowling. This way you'll be able to experience the joy and pageantry of an Arkansas bowl game without having to, you know, watch one.

It's really quite easy:

1. Turn on TV, sit on couch.

2. Make yourself comfortable with the food and beverage of your choice.

3. Hit yourself in the forehead with a hammer 2-3 times.

Repeat if necessary.

(Note: if the Petrino era goes the way we think it will, we won't be able to make these *hilarious* jokes about Arkansas losing bowl games for too much longer, so let's all savor them while we can.)